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Formatting Memory Cards
 •If you ever find your device freezes, locks up or behaves in a strange way then 9 times
out of 10 it is memory card related.
 •Make sure you don't use cheap SD cards, they will cause no end of headaches.
 •You should format your memory card on a regular basis. Don't use your SD cards from another device in your camera before formatting it first.
 •If problems persist, try another SD card. SD memory cards do not last forever and can break down from time to time.

Video Player
 •If you have purchased a HD camera and you are experiencing choppy playback on your computer then try downloading VLC from and use that to play your videos. VLC is FREE and is what we use here to play videos all the time.
 •Make sure your computer is powerful enough to play HD video. Most new computers and laptops will not have a problem.
 •If your PC is more than a couple of years old then it might struggle.
 •If using a laptop, plug it in to the mains charger. This quite often puts the laptop in to a more powerful processor profile making playback and editing a little faster
If your camera supports it, try plugging it in to your TV and playback direct from the device