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Step In To Summer

Summer is here it’s time to hit the beach to do some surfing, or for heading to the mountains like these downhill mountain bikers did.

Even if you have nothing planned right now, remember that the greatest moments can happen in an instant. These mountain bikers know that the GoPro HD Hero3+: Black Edition is the best way to share their passion. And it is also the best way to share yours too. Our exclusive Summer Special makes the action camera even easier to use, and greater value too.

This incredible bundle contains the Go Pro HD Hero3+: Black Edition camera. It already comes with a bunch of useful accessories, including Standard (Waterproof) Housing, a selection of mounts and the amazing GoPro Wi-Fi Remote.

We have added a free GoPro LCD Touch BacPac. This portable screen clips onto the back of your GoPro HD Hero3+ camera and allows you to preview your footage, and helps you set up the perfect shots. You will also get a free GoPro ‘Chesty’ Chest Harness, the ultimate accessory for hands-free recording during action sports. To help you get started, we will give you a free 32GB SD Memory Card. All of these would cost you £150 if bought separately, but we are giving them away for FREE with the GoPro HD Hero3+: Black Edition.

Click Here to see the Summer Bundle”

If your budget doesn’t stretch as far as the Black Edition, we also have the Silver Edition and White Edition. These cameras are perfect for introducing you to the world of HD action cameras while still delivering top quality image and sound performance. Better yet, we have extended our May offer, meaning that these GoPros are available at a reduced price.

These special offers are for a limited time only, while stocks last.


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